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Features Added Since Release

  • Support for IE 10
  • Redesign of BLIs for a cleaner and standard look
  • Moved Contact information on BLIs to the top for quick reference.
  • Branded the BLIs with AFLBB Logo
  • Buyer BLI now includes Broker Picture(if in profile)
  • Reformat of all BLIs for printing and PDF email option for Buyer BLI.
  • Listing search screen redesigned to better display the active option (Search By Area, All Areas, Local Area)
  • Update to many Help files
  • Free Use of OneList to post to participation sites including and

Features Added at New Release

  • New "SHORT" Form to Quickly Add Your Listings
  • New Simpler Form for Entering Full Listings
  • New Advanced Search Functions
  • New Marketing and Advanced Features for
    Business Listing Information Pages (BLI's)
  • Displays with most Tablets and Smart Phones
    (try using a Bluetooth keyboard for ease of use)
  • Email BLI to Your Potential Buyer as a PDF document
  • New Layout and Options on Dashboard
  • Include Marketing Commentary for Your Listings
  • Your Listings Continue to Auto Post to via OnleList
  • New OneList Interface - with More "FREE" Sites Available to Registered AFLBB Members


New Dashboard Interface

New InBLISS Dashboard Interface


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